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Finally, the Court also found that no specific privacy concerns supported withholding this record from disclosure.

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, commonly known as the Open Public Records Act. It is the full text of . the auspices of a public higher education institution in New Jersey. Open Public Records Act. Get detailed information on how to locate government records from the State of New Jersey.ยป Department/Agency.

Thus, both records requestors and public agencies should be cognizant that this decision does not amount to a blanket prohibition on the disclosure of dash camera video. In non-criminal matters, whether the video must be provided in response to an OPRA request will require a close examination of the facts to determine if any other exemptions are applicable.

Additionally, Andrew represents individuals charged with traffic violations ranging from simple tickets to DWIs. He also defends those charged with criminal offenses in both Municipal and Superior Courts.

If your request is for a routinely requested and released record there is no need to apply through OPRA. Simply contact the Division that holds the record and submit your request. If you are denied access to a government record, you may apply for the record through OPRA.

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The person requesting the records must personally take delivery of those records once copies are made available. Information provided on this form may be subject to disclosure under the Open Public Records Act. If you submit the request form to any other officer or employee of the Borough of Hawthorne, that officer or employee must either forward the request to the appropriate custodian, or direct you to the appropriate custodian. Where contact is not necessary, anonymous requests are permitted; except that anonymous requests for personal information are not honored. If you know the Division within the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority that holds the record s you are seeking, fill out the Government Records Request Form submit it to the appropriate Division. Department record defined.

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