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A deed must be acknowledged before the Recorder of Deeds can consider it.

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Mifflin County. ​The Recorder of Deeds maintains records relating to real property in the county. Documents found in this office are, Lewistown, PA ​Mifflin County is classified as a 6th class county serving the public in three distinct areas: The Register of Wills, Clerk of the Orphans' Court and Recorder of Deeds. Directions to this office from Lewistown, PA Phone:

An acknowledgment must include the county and state. The name of the person acknowledging should be given exactly the same as it appears in the document. Other necessary elements are a notary signature, notary stamp, and the notary expiration date.

Mifflin County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

The acknowledgment date should be on or after the execution date of the document. The maximum size page accepted is 8. Margins should be a minimum of 1-inch and should be free from all markings.

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A complete legal description of the real property must be present. The Uniform Parcel Identifier number that has been assigned to the parcel must be stated on the document. For assistance with this, contact the County Mapping Department.

In order for a recorded document to provide constructive notice under the Pennsylvania recording laws, it must have a Uniform Parcel Identifier number. A signed Certificate of Residence, with the grantee's name and mailing address should be attached to the deed.

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Sullivan County. Lawrence County. It is the intent of this article, as reenacted, to implement the provisions of Act No. This page was last edited on 19 August , at Three checks are required if realty transfer tax is due on a document.

A deed should state the true consideration of the property or should be accompanied by an original Affidavit of Value. If claiming an exemption from taxation, the deed must be accompanied by an original and fully completed Affidavit of Value. If multiple documents constituting one transaction are submitted, the order of recording must be clearly indicated.

The party submitting the documents is responsible for any re-recording expenses resulting from an improper order of recording. Any corrective documents must include a reference to the document being corrected, as well as the reason for correction. Recorder of Deeds.

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All deeds located in the city of Bradford require a city registry form. If form is not included an additional fee of 1.

Mifflin county recorder of deeds

Deeds located in Ceres township must state either Oswayo Valley school district or OttoEldred school district. Directions to this office from within the Courthouse: Starting from the main lobby, take the elevator to the second floor. Mifflin County; Find Mifflin County Pennsylvania recorder of deeds, registry, register, and registrar of deeds.

Mifflin county recorder of deeds fees There is a 5. Mifflin county recorder of deeds fees free Military Discharge Records are also recorded in the Recorder of Deeds office and are secure records not open to the public.