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Come on who do you have running marketing? The soup Nazi!

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Hi there, Thanks for the feedback - the app for is now available. I look forward to deleting the app from my phone June Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Description Check out the app's key features below, then download to get your experience started: - Plan your day and make sure you don't miss your favorite act with the Set Times and Line Up-Builder, plus discover new artists, get set change alerts and more. Jun 15, Version 8. Size Category Music.

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It is August 27, now, more than a week ago since I surrendered my phone for repair. Fortunately I got a replacement, even though a very simple phone, but I can still call and text. And as far as I know that can just be delivered through Google Play. I am also a bit in doubt about Firefly providing me a simple phone instead of an Android capable phone, but that is of course kind of industry standard or maybe even above.

Well, my phone is back, about 3 weeks after I left it to be sent to Manila for repair as it is September 8, Before repair. After repair.

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So yes, i am absolutely not happy only to find out my phone has been downgraded and that I had to miss it for about three weeks. And yes, of course I am happy my phone is back, but I am pretty sure if I update it now, as, yes, it says there is an update available, it may have the same issue again. My main annoyance is that I guess they could have just made an update available through Google Play instead of capturing my phone for three weeks.

And if I am right and the problem is related to the update, then the problem is NOT solved, as I, or any other owner, may just accidentally update the phone.

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This product is not sold individually. Great gift choices that won't cost a fortune this holiday season. At least you'll find a full complement of photo-editing tools in the photo gallery, a plus. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Bloomberg L. Compare These Apple iPhone This change will be reflected in the rental charges.

Firefly, I think you can and need to do better. As no, I am not happy with the SMS app that is installed right now as it does not group the messages.

iPhone Screenshots GSM Firefly Mobile Cellphone for Kids - Firefly: merch Have a question? Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. There was a. The FireFly Glow Phone is everything active kids and parents need to keep in touch during their increasingly busy days. The Firefly features a full color screen, .

I think about two days ago I started to have the feeling the problem might still be there, but it only became obvious today, as only today the internal memory filled up very quickly again, going from 1. Very strange, as the first few days I had my phone back I had the feeling the problem was not there. So well, I went back to the store to report the problem. And the staff in the store agreed that the phone really has a problem, has the problem again.

However, the tech people in Manila said something like the RAM is the problem, like Mb is not enough and is causing the problem. Finally I said something that an option for me was to get my money back as the phone is not usable for me in this way. As actually I am very happy with the phone. It feels nice and does everything I want, like I can install all the apps I normally use in daily life. And price of that is around PHP 3, As again, same as with some other issues I had before, if I am not satisfied with the solution the brand will lose and I will lose, just losing trust, where Firefly actually had gained a lot of trust with my Vision 4 Plus that was a very good deal and made me also decide to buy this phone and keep it as I just trusted the brand.

And it is September 15, now, a day after I went back to the store, and last night I decided that I was really tired of this whole thing and that I would just buy a new phone and take whatever refund they give me for this Firefly AURII Secret Mini. So yes, this afternoon I bought a new phone, a branded one now, not the Lenovo A as I planned earlier, but the Lenovo Aa as it has a better front camera and as I like the 4. So yes, I learned a lot from this whole experience, from the falling and braking of my beloved Firefly Vision 4 Plus to the experience of a new phone with lower specs to an annoying problem Firefly is not able to or does not want to fix.

Well, I just got it back from the service center, and the issue is not solved. I even suggested it probably just needs a minor update that they can easily put online. Anyhow, that was after I had already decided to let go of the Firefly. And yes, also of the Firefly brand for now. As they fully lost the trust with me. So today I went back to just get my refund, phone prepared, including box, headset and charger, only to find out that somehow the deal was off, or had never been there.

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Or at least not approved today. They asked for my number and they would call me. Just some time wasted as I went especially tot he store to return the phone and get my refund. So another disappointment, and yes, it was my choice to buy a new phone already.

Strange memory problem?

But no, no Firefly for me again. Yesterday, September 28, , I went back to the store not really knowing what to expect as I had not had any phone call or something.

To my surprise I received a refund and even to my bigger surprise I received back the full amount, PHP 1, So I guess that is my end of the story, and also my end with having a relationship with the Firefly brand, as I am still not fully happy with what happened and as I would still have preferred to keep the phone, as I really liked it. Anyhow, I think Firefly did the best they could, giving me a full refund for the phone. Maybe even better than what is common in the industry in these kinds of cases.

So yes, thank you Firefly for acknowledging the problem and taking action on it. Of course I would like to know what happens after, as I did not do a factory reset on the phone, so they might be able to analyze what files are causing the issue with the phone.

And well, my Lenovo Aa is doing fine, even though it has Android 5. But it seems to work fine until now and indeed gives a bit more of a feeling of being engineered better than the Firefly.

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Especially battery life is much longer than the Firefly. Unexpectedly there is more to this issue. Your email address will not be published. Strange memory problem?