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If you are experiencing difficulty with receiving calls from an inmate, you should check with your telephone company. Contact your phone company and disable all special calling features such as call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, etc. If that does not correct the problem, call or go to www. Cash bail can be posted at the Genesee County Jail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Photo identification is required when posting bail. Bail bondsmen can be located in the yellow pages of your telephone directory. Note: The return of bail money is handled by the presiding court.

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All bail money collected at the Genesee County Jail is forwarded to the appropriate court. Credit card transactions are processed through a third-party provider. A non-refundable fee for service will be added to the total bail amount. Only U. Postal Service mail will be accepted for inmates in the Genesee County Jail.

Please address all mail for inmates to:. All incoming mail received at the Genesee County Jail is logged when received and inspected for any type of contraband. The attempt to transfer contraband through the mail will result in the filing of criminal charges against those responsible. In general, a basic letter or typing paper is permitted.

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In the facility went go through a 6. All institutional rules and regulations defining and prohibiting inmates misconduct shall be published and posted in prominent locations within the institution and set forth in both the English and Spanish language. But I found out. Bail and Bond. Almost every day I was on Rikers, I was fighting. One of the major benefits of the program has been the roadside cleanup assignment.

All address labels and stamps will be removed by the officer inspecting the mail. All return addresses must include complete first and last name of the sender. What if the mail I send did not arrive? Please have the inmate check with an officer to see if the mail was logged as entering into the facility. If the mail has not been logged in, please contact the postal service and request a "trace" be placed on that particular piece of mail. What if an inmate leaves before the mail gets there?

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All mail received for non-inmates will be "returned to sender", provided that a complete and readable return address is visible. You should always be cautious sending cash money through the mail. Is there a limit as to the amount of incoming mail an inmate can receive?

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Can I drop off a note or letter to the jail? NO; all mail, letters, notes, etc.

All acceptable property that is dropped off should have the inmate's name clearly written on it. For publications, the name should be on the outer cover or, if necessary, on the inside front page.

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Photos should be marked on the back. How many people can visit an inmate during the scheduled time? Is there an age limit to visit an inmate? The parent or legal guardian must also remain during the entire visitation with the underage person.

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What kind of ID is allowed or required to visit an inmate? How are visitation appointments made? Either in person by request to the jail officer working the control room OR by calling the jail at Please have the names of all the individuals that are planning on visiting, a daytime phone number and an approximate time and day you'd like to visit. Please avoid calling between am - am, pm - pm, and pm - pm. When are you able to schedule an appointment for the next week? Skip to content Accredited Division.

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Captain Roger Ward. Employment Information. The Sheriff of Seneca County has set the following goals for the Seneca County Correctional Facility Becoming an accredited correctional facility by writing policies and procedures which comply with New York State Accreditation Standards.

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Becoming a recognized training facility and hosting training such as the Basic Course for Corrections Officers here at the Law Enforcement Center. State Search:. Who can use this service?

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(For Criminal Justice Use Only; New York State ID Number). For comments or questions about the inmate lookup capability, please visit the Contact Us page. Locate an inmate in a New York State prison (NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision); Locate an inmate in a county jail in New York.

Anyone wishing to search for information about active Maine adult prisoners or probationers. For the purposes of this website it also includes prisoners under the jurisdiction of the Maine Department of Corrections that are housed in other locations, to include: county jails, other states, and federal facilities. Locate Adult Facilities in Maine.