I-safe vehicle mount barcode reader

M101B-BH with 1D/2D barcode reader

Two-dimensional imaging scanners are the newest type of bar code reader. They use a camera and image processing techniques to decode the bar code. A high speed industrial micro-processor, optimized for image processing and ethernet connectivity.

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These fixed-position barcode readers are available in multiple models to best match your application. Finally, you can achieve all this with flexible label formatting. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. See also. Learn how to reliably detect these codes. Stationary Industrial Scanners. These handheld DPM barcode readers are designed for the harshest factory floor environments.

The result is a superior barcode reading speed and robustness, especially for 2D codes and DPM; the powerful proprietary decoding libraries provide the Datalogic range of fixed barcode scanners with unrivalled performance even on damaged and low quality codes. From low-to-medium volume POS applications such as those in convenience, specialty, and drug stores, to healthcare and document handling in office environments, Datalogic's wide range of presentation readers offer a variety of form factors and features to solve data collection needs.

Chainway's V600 Vehicle Mounted Computer

Product sets offer conventional laser, linear or area imaging technology, plus a variety of features to meet specific scanning needs. Laser scanners use a laser beam as the light source and typically employ either a reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism to scan the laser beam back and forth across the bar code, CCD readers use an array of hundreds of tiny light sensors lined up in a row in the head of the reader.

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Enable high-speed, hands-free scanning of virtually any barcode on any surface with Zebra's fixed mount barcode scanners. Learn more at cojatacom.tk Use Zebra's barcode scanners and readers to capture the data that matters most at the retail Vehicle Mount Computers · Wearable Computers · RFID Handheld Readers .. Prevent medical errors, improve patient safety and increase caregiver The MiniScan family of fixed mount barcode scanners combines superior.

The LXE Marathon field computer introduces a new form factor in mobile computing, with a larger screen size and greater computing power than a PDA, smaller size than a laptop, and multiple data-capture and connectivity options. Taken together, the The LXE features extended range scanning from 5 inches up to 45 feet and easily reads damaged or poorly printed barcodes using fuzzy logic technology.

1D and 2D Code Readers

It also uses Industrial ergonomics including IP65 seal, 6. Class 2 Bluetooth Version 1.

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The LXE can be tethered to any LXE vehicle mount terminal and is excellent with both near and far barcode scanning. The features three green light feedback which informs the user of a good read on the top cap of the unit with a The LXE family of Bluetooth Ring Scanners include both laser and imager industrial grade ring scanners connected to an ultra-light weight Class 2 Bluetooth radio module.

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The entire package fits comfortably to the back of your hand and weighs Replaced by the LXE Tecton. Replaced by the Honeywell Tecton.

Replaced by the Honeywell MX9. Replaced by the Honeywell VX8 Karv.

M101B-BH with 1D/2D barcode reader

LXE Tx - Discontinued. Replaced by the Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black Wearable.

LXE Bluetooth - Discontinued. Replaced by the LXE All products Barcode Discount sells are new not used. Most products ship via our low cost flat rate shipping the same day your order is placed and can ship overnight to anywhere in the US.

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