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They send me a link to my alternative email address to click the link , get into my account, and change my password. Problem is its a dead link saying temporarily down try again later…this has been for days now.. Cant win. I have 3 more weeks overseas of no email… cant even chat with these poeple. Now I use Gmail with no problems. Outlook are the biggest crap in the world! What does outlook think they are?? Some king of the internet????

I am considering legal action against them and I am in Australia! May be using a recovery email address from a different service is not a good advice. My brother on the other hand, has one Hotmail address and a recovery Yahoo account and the other way around. When trying to log in abroad, both Hotmail and Yahoo asked for a code and were blocked. An impossible situation. Please advise.

Hotmail keep asking me for a code and they can only send it to my saved number they have. What will be the soultion to this problem, if you can help. Mohsin Malik. I recovered my account but I cannot get to my mails after successfully signing in. Microsoft asks me billing details, payment mode but no link to my mail. How to get in to my inbox?

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Please help. Cannot access my hotmail account.

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Why has it been redirected to outlook. What do I do?

How Do I Get into My Outlook.com Account If I Don’t Have the Recovery Phone or Email?

This is absurd. You should be able to log into Outlook. Login to outlook. Can you tell me how to get into a Hot Mail account without having to sign in every time. Her main email is hotmail. Can you help? The signed in state is kept in a cookie. That usually happens when cookies are deleted. As stated in my comment having Yahoo as a recovery address causes the same hassles, whereas Microsoft only blocks one Hotmail account and leaves the recovery Hotmail account alone.

Could you please comment on that? I personally use gmx.

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To keep it alive, I log on to it about once a month. I have 3 or 4 recovery email addresses for each of my email accounts.

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We know that Microsoft does this on some accounts, and inconsistently it appears. Do you want to place a large, important bet on it NOT happening to your other Hotmail account? The only comment I can add is that if Yahoo! This is another argument for avoiding free email services in general, and using services that actually have actual tech support you can contact. Dear Leo and Mark Jacobs , Thank you for your reply. I just wanted to point out that Yahoo as a recovery address as advised by you does not work. I just cannot understand this. It is so stupid! Meanhwile I will follow your advice and look for a service with technical support.

One of them is gmx. I am able to log into my account but the phone number i had connected to the account is my previous number as i have a new phone now, how can i get my hotmail back with my new number when it is asking for a verification from my old cell phone. Hi leo My partner cannot access his hotmail account there for as it will only send a security code to his old mobile number which has been disconnected for along time now n wont allow him to add his new number to be able to recieve the security code needed..

I have tried to reseat my password and reason I simply forgot it. How do I solve this?

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Any ideas much appreciated. My phone number is on file, but most times windows. When I do receive a code, reset my password and recover my account it tells me someone maybe using my account.

That message saying someone may be using your account probably refers to your unsuccessful attempt to log in. I had the same trouble — being locked out of my Outlook e-mail when I travelled and used different computers. However, I could access my account on my iPad mini with no problem. But they going to use it for datamining and they will bury me in ads.

How to Email to a Cell Phone: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Population: Suckers! This is so true. I have had it with outlook. There are so many choices nowadays. I have a desktop and a tablet and by using one or the other I get messages that my email is being hact into. Who has time to go through these stupid question each time. This is what just happened to me. This is a new account with them after loosing a host of info from my previous account that I had with them for over 15years previously hotmail.

I have a problem that is driving me crazy. Why is it that I cannot change my Outlook password to a previous password, presuming I made a mistake and this password is easier to remember, or I just damn hell want it like that? Why did the idiots at Microsoft think this is a good idea?

Please help, I have tried contacting Microsoft Support, but the entire process is so tedious, I have abandoned it. When I create my hotmail account I was in Malaysia now I return back my home country Pakistan and I am not use my old phone was in Malaysia. How we can access my account I was log in but not access always they send verification code of phone number of Malaysia. How I can change and access my account.

Your only recourse is to follow the steps outlined in this article. Please help get back into my account and solve this problem for me?? Unfortunately, your only solution is to follow the instructions in this article, and also read the instructions for recovery in your account. The lesson is that next time you need to have your recovery information set up properly before being locked out of your account. I forgot my password and it have asked me to verify my identity but the email address they have on the system is old and is no longer in use….

Issues with hellmail are not new. They have been around since Adam was a speck in a carbon cells eye. I have always had set up a ghost account with another provider; exact same as for hellmail and have my hellmail account forward all mail to it.

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These all the above are websites who provides disposable phone numbers which will allow you to receive SMS online. You can directly receive messages virtually without entering your mobile number. By then, your bank account may be drained, credit card companies may be after you for unpaid bills, and the police may be investigating you for crimes committed in your name. SIP Trunking. Get real-time intelligence on any phone number in the world. No registration needed! Receive sms online With burner app you can use several other apps like Dropbox, slack, ever note and sound cloud, in case you want to share or store items in your temporary mobile number.

As hellmail has been my primary account for 14 years l do not want the hassle of changing it but my ghost account is an awesome fall back option. I only go into it every 3 months to clean it out or of course if l cannot access hellmail. It is also an ideal option if down the track you realise you have deleted an email you needed later. Unfortunately, Ask Leo! Please see this article for more information on your options:. Dear Mr Leo, After a lot of frustrating and futile attempts of regaining my hotmail account of last 20 years I am asking you for help as I have read and heard a lot about you.

My hotmail account was hacked into on 2nd march and I received a test message on my mobile at am from microsoft that somebody has changed your mobile number, is it you? I woke up at 7 am and saw this message and replied immediately that it is not me. As time passes my friends from all over the world start and begin calling me and asking me if I am in Malaysia as they received a mail that I am stranded in malaysia and i need some financial assistance. I come to know that my account is hacked into an this happens to both my accounts hotmail and gmail. However gmail has a very intelligent security in place and asked me on my mobile once again and when i replied, they told me to go and change the password immediately, which i did and was successful.

Now after writing to microsoft daily for 7 days and providing them with all the necessary security info,t hey tell me to make a new email account.. My two important questions are :- 1 The time allotted to change a mobile number is normally 30days, how did they accept this change of mobile number in 5 hours.