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No, I'm not! And I wrote that near Mombasa, Kenya, actually—a coastal town. And this idea that palaces are supposed to create change and so you're building palaces around a problem.


Even a body: If your body is not structurally sound, you can't just build muscle around it and not expect yourself to still feel sore. It sounds like you're talking about your own identity struggles in your own life and career. One hundred percent. The problem is if you have output all the time you're not inputting into yourself.

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You can become plagued by ambition. Our society affirms and rewards that. Our emotional growth as human beings is so different than this outward mark of success. You talk of following your creative muse as something relatively new. But you've always seemed an artist who follows her instinct. I'm definitely idiosyncratic. And I think that's why I can't relate to the concept of branding.

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I can't. It just doesn't feel like me. Why put yourself in a box? It's so limiting. I've experimented with boxes. But then I get bored. I put out Loose and I enjoyed dancing onstage and singing songs within the confines of an urban-pop context. But at the same time, after awhile, I just wanted to go away and create something new again. I never like to repeat myself.

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Repetition is very boring. That extends to my hobbies as well. They change all the time. I did this 10K race last year, and although I trained for it incredibly hard and I enjoyed the process, I then was like "Now what do I do? The nurturer in you wants to just please everybody and keep saying yes to everything. You were quite young when your career took off. It was a whirlwind.

She longs to be a hermit

I'm grateful that social media wasn't around back then. Because I think it must be extremely difficult for artists coming of age in the spotlight. And it's true: I was 20 when I signed my record deal and got on the road right away. A lot happened very quickly. Having to mature in the spotlight is always interesting.

You're going through stages and phases in front of everyone. Which is strangely kind of alienating.

You're made to feel like you're the only one who changes. But everybody changes!

Nelly Furtado on the Fame Monster, Checking Your Ego and Healing Herself with Music

Loose Women viewer. ITV Nelly flashed a hint of cleavage in her pretty floral dress. Play slideshow. Dallas star Patrick Duffy pictured in and Someone else continued: "How lovely is Nelly Furtado?!

Nelly Furtado - Say It Right (Official Music Video)

Nice to see her back LooseWomen. Loose Women ITV. I was supposed to work with Kylie Minogue too but it never happened. I love her.

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This is gonna be that same woman that has a condom in her purse. She was met by a mix of cheers and gasps as she arrived in the studio with a dramatic new look. You put this pressure on yourself. I had experimented with the independent world while recording Mi Plan , which essentially was a Nelstar-owned project, but it was distributed through Universal Latino. When did you decide to release The Ride independently? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I can identify with her. She has such an international audience and does her own thing. You have to carve out your own identity. If you stay precious about your music and put love into it, the fans will respect it. It was like the first ever pop dis song — a genre usually reserved for rap. We put a lot of negative energy out into the world. The Mall of America in Minneapolis.