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While this is clearly the origin of some of the Carrs of Connacht we must not overlook the fact that the name O'Carr was found in Connacht in the sixteenth century before the pressure of anglicisation, which converted Kerrane into Carr, was noticeable.

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The Fiants and the Composition Book of Connacht prove that they were then numerous and not unimportant in that province, chiefly in Co. Sligo but even down to the borders of Clare. O'Dugan in the Topographical Poem mentions the sept of O'Carthaigh of Clancahill, for which O'Donovan gives O'Carthy as the anglicised equivalent, adding that the name was then unknown there: I think it more likely that it had by that time become Carr, and this view is supported by the fact that in the Fiants for the counties in question the name is spelt O'Carhy as well as O'Carre.

In the Fiants we also find , in Co.

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Armagh, O'Care and O'Carr -which are indistinguishable in their anglicised form from the Connacht name dealt with above. This is sept of O'Cairre. Donal O'Cairre was one of the Ulster chiefs killed at the battle of Downpatrick in and seventeenth century records such as the Hearth Money Rolls and Petty's "census," record the name O'Carr as numerous in Oriel.

It is manifest, therefore. Having regard to the forms of these names in Irish it is inevitable that confusion has arisen between Carr and Carry, especially as the latter also belongs to Oriel, not only as 0 Cairre but as a Mac name too.

Armagh and the census of approximately the same date found McCarry bracketed with MacCarey one of the most numerous names in the barony of Moycashel, Co. Westmeath , and at the same time Carr was similarly recorded Dunleek, Co. Woulfe gives two Irish surnames for MacCarry viz.


This article from is evidence of that, and also gives us some good reasons why Patrick was not beloved to the rest of his family. We had greatfun remembering all of her sayings -- agreeing that you can take the girl outof Ireland but you can't take Ireland from the girl. Thomas Kelly owned the land his house was situated along with 1 stable, 1 cow house, 1 piggery and 1 barn. I'llleave itup to you to post what you will from your Crain-L inquiry -- we've gotno special formats, just jump in Recently there was also a post.

Reverting to synonyms of Carr we come now to Mac, Macllhair and Wilhair. The two former are Mac Giolla Chathaoir from St. Cathaoir anglicised Kilcar r in Co. This is an email response from HM Government. Thank you for signing the e-petition calling for the closure period on census data to be reduced from its present years to 70 years for the , and censuses. The documents provide a broad range of detail, from name and next of kin to wounds suffered and conduct record.

The release by the Ancestry website, working in partnership with the National Archives, is taking place in stages over the next two years. The images are available to view on a subscription or pay-per-view basis. All the records are already viewable on 28, rolls of microfilm at the National Archives in west London, but it is hoped the digitisation process will make them available to a much wider audience. If you want to research your family history, ancestry, ancestors, genealogy, family tree or genes - you have reached the RIGHT place here at.

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Ireland Religious Census. WWI soldiers' records go online. Service and pension records for more than two million soldiers who fought in the British army in World War I are being put online for the first time. Sunames and surnames. Clair, St. John, St. Lawrence, St.

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