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The candidate who successfully completes a concurrent degree in Forensic Science plus an additional degree such as Criminal Justice will stand out to potential employers. Degree Sheet. The Forensic Science Institute offers a limited number of scholarships and assistantships to Forensic Science students. Students may begin applying for scholarships the spring semester of their first year to be applied the following school year.

How to Become a CSI Forensics Professional in Oklahoma City

View Scholarships. Students can explore volunteer, research, and career opportunities in the field of Forensic Science by participating in various organizations, both at UCO and beyond. They allow students to get involved in the Forensic Science community early and provide them with opportunities to network with professionals already in the field.

How cops investigate data on your computer - Digital Forensics

Forensic Science. Most people think of sex crimes as nonconsensual physical acts—rape, sexual battery, and child molestation, for example. However, there are many Oklahoma sex offenses that require no physical contact in order for a prosecutor to gain a conviction.

Computer sex crimes are among these offenses. Downloading or distributing child pornography, soliciting minors through use of technology, and sharing obscene materials with minors are a few of the ways a sex crime is perpetrated without ever meeting a victim face-to-face, much less touching him or her.

The Modern Evidence Trail

Many of our online interactions feel anonymous, and it is this perceived anonymity that makes it so easy for many to commit an act that they would not otherwise commit in person. Curiosity can lead a person to download or view illegal images.

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An innocent chat can suddenly take the wrong direction. When online activities cross the line, anyone who uses the computer or technology to commit an illegal act faces serious legal repercussions.

If you are facing computer sex crime charges, finding experienced legal counsel is critical to the preservation of your rights and the building of your defense. Your computer, storage devices, and mobile devices will likely be confiscated and searched.

Digital Evidence

Even erased files, deleted browsing history, and other evidence may be recovered by forensic experts. However, a skillful attorney with a record of successful sex crime defense can offer effective strategies to bring your case to its best possible resolution. Law Firm of Oklahoma has helped countless individuals facing internet sex crime charges.

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Digital forensic analysis provides law enforcement agencies with the recovery and analysis of digital evidence, especially in crimes involving children. Chart providing details of Oklahoma Computer Crimes Laws. Laws in Oklahoma. The following table lists the specifics of Oklahoma's computer crime statutes.

We treat each client with respect, not judgment. Our job is to protect your constitutional rights, and we are dedicated to providing quality defense representation to every client who seeks our help. Technology-assisted sex crimes are those which rely on computer networks, mobile technology, and other electronic or digital media. Whether downloading illegal materials on a computer to sending sexually explicit text messages to a minor, using technology to commit an illegal act can bring penalties that are separate and additional to those associated with the underlying offense.

These penalties are in addition to any penalties of the underlying offense.

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National Criminal Justice Reference Service - has information on corrections, courts, crime prevention, criminal justice statistics, drugs and crime, international justice issues, justice grants, juvenile justice, law enforcement, research and evaluation, and resources for crime victims. Students can select track courses with either an applied or theoretical focus. Gannon University is a private Catholic school. The degree requires 28 credits in foundation courses, nine credits in cyber prerequisites, nine credits in core cyber security courses, 15 to 18 cyber security electives, and 18 credits in the minor. You can specialize in chemistry or sociology. Applicants should have a high school diploma and should have taken college prep classes in high school. Features There are many ways to study forensic science at St.

For example, possession of child pornography is punishable by 10 to 30 years in prison, unless the victim is under the age of 12, in which case it is punishable by 25 years to life. However, if the defendant uses a computer to knowingly download child pornography, then he or she is also guilty of violating the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act and faces an additional five years in prison.