When can police conduct a warrantless search

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As technology like artificial intelligence AI becomes more and more prevalent, the ultimate fear is that all-knowing AI algorithm will use data gathered by digital bots to convict innocent individuals of crimes they never committed.

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The good news, at least for now, is that the U. Supreme Court seems to be aware of the issues caused by a new era of digital surveillance.

Warrantless searches and the U.S. constitution

Details on the source should be used to distinguish the information from rumor or gossip. White was convicted. However, if they were looking for drugs, they could search the tackle box. Established by the U. For consent to be valid it must be voluntary and informed. The applicant must be a "peace officer" as defined in s. The seriousness can be mitigated by factors such as "good faith" on the part of the officer or extenuating circumstances that may warrant quick action to avoid losing evidence.

In a recent case, Carpenter vs. Failure to do so would violate the Fourth Amendment. Clearly, in the digital age, the Fourth Amendment needs special care and protection. Searching digital content is easy, cheap and far too convenient. The ability to do so, when placed in the wrong hands, could have very negative consequences for privacy and civil liberties.

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Not every search, seizure, or arrest must be made pursuant to a lawfully The Supreme Court has ruled that warrantless police conduct may comply with the Felony arrests in places not open to the public generally do require a warrant. What rules govern police searches, and when do police officers step over the line ? To learn more about this and related topics, see FindLaw's Search and.

Lost password? Create an account. Enter username or email. Follow CPO Magazine. Whether or not a party has given voluntary consent is determined by the totality of the circumstances.

A frisk is not a full search. If the frisk reveals the likely presence of a weapon, a more thorough search may be permissible, and anything found at that point can be used as evidence at trial. A search incident to lawful arrest also applies to the search of a vehicle, specifically when officers arrest the occupants of a vehicle.


In Arizona v. Gant , U. Plain View Exception No warrant is required to seize evidence in plain view if the police are legitimately in the location from which the evidence can be viewed.

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But, if on the premises to serve a warrant duly issued to search for marijuana plants, the alligator, if in plain view, can rightly though by no means easily be seized. Consent If consent is given by a person reasonably believed by an officer to have authority to give such consent, no warrant is required for a search or seizure. See Illinois v. Rodriguez, U.

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If there is reason to believe that the person may be armed and dangerous, the police can also frisk the suspect. See Terry v. Ohio , U. Automobile Exception Because vehicles are obviously highly mobile, a warrant is not required to search vehicles if police have probable cause to believe the vehicle contains evidence of a crime, the instrumentalities of crime, contraband, or the fruits of a crime. While in some ways, it is quite a broad exception, this rule limits the ability to search those areas that might contain evidence of the type suspected to be present. In other words, if police suspect that the occupant of a boat is smuggling people across the border, searching a small tackle box on board would not be permissible.

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However, if they were looking for drugs, they could search the tackle box. The rationale is that, if an officer has to take the time to obtain a warrant, the vehicle might be out of reach before the warrant can be issued and executed. See Carroll v. United States , US.