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Afterwards, walk over to the Welcome Reception at The Pennsylvanian — pm. Time it right to hit both events. Loads of fun. Maybe even some dancing. Cash bar. Within every community lies the opportunity to design truly innovative, scalable solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing city-makers: income, education and health disparities; blight and ecological degradation; the threat of climate change; and rapid urban growth.

The ecodistricts approach can be a comprehensive, transformational urban development platform. The EcoDistricts Protocol is a guide for city-makers to take this collaborative, holistic, neighborhood-scale approach to community design. Explore the basics of ecodistrict planning.

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Prepare for the ecodistrict professional accreditation exam. Become familiar with the EcoDistricts Protocol as a way to lead ecodistrict development. How can you capture a share of the increased value created from transit investments? Open the toolbox of public and private financial mechanisms — value capture strategies!

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Learn how the US Department of Transportation, local governments and transit agencies use value capture strategies to fund transit projects. Explore examples where value capture strategies have funded projects directly or leveraged public or private financing. What are best practices? What lessons were learned? Then break into smaller groups — or meet one-on-one — to focus on developing and implementing value capture in your own region. Expertise at both the federal and local levels to inform your own decisions. The handcrafted, dome-shaped rotunda at its entrance — encapsulating the vision of Chicago architect Daniel Burnham — is an iconic symbol of Pittsburgh.

Join us as two top local leaders share their vision and savvy insights into key issues. What makes Pittsburgh unique? How has the region recovered from its past to emerge as a mobility and technology leader? The county executive and mayor will set the stage — you take it from there.

Expand your understanding of Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. Hear from leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors: Look closely at how technology, growth, transit and mobility are changing communities. How can each be managed to increase access to opportunity? Learn how these leaders think regionally, yet act locally to benefit neighborhoods and long-time residents. This is not the time to ignore the challenges or step back. They must be confronted directly. How can we build on our momentum and advance new strategies during these disruptive times?

How do we fight for the resources and policies our communities need? Join Representative Earl Blumenauer for the most relevant policy and political discussion of the conference. Each has an additional fee, requires preregistration and may have sold out before the conference start. To find out about vacancies, check at the Registration desk. It not only orients newcomers for the week, but sets the tone by providing context: Why is building livable communities with transit so important to regions and communities everywhere? Learn about building partnerships and involving community stakeholders in planning processes.

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Hear why community impact — economic development, community development and equity considerations — are essential goals for a project. Discover ways to frame issues to increase public momentum for building livable communities. What role do partners play in successfully implementing projects?

Explore partnerships with advocates, activists and developers and with federal and local governments and transit agencies. For decades, manually operated autos have been driving land use planning in both the private and public realms. But a future with autonomous and connected vehicles changes the way we plan, design and finance both existing urban areas as well as new communities. How will these new vehicles impact economic development, design and master planning?

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How can businesses maintain their relationships with traffic? How will changes impact businesses, storefront parking and connections to passing traffic? How will we redesign existing streets and sidewalks? What kind of long-term vision is needed in our cities to respond? Hear from the people facing these questions in old and new cities, including St. Louis, New York and Charlotte.

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Every day cities are bombarded with new technologies. How do we manage our existing transportation systems while constantly accessing, experimenting with, implementing or declining new technologies? From dockless scooters to automated vehicles — who decides whether they have a place in our transportation systems? How do we make decisions? What are some best practices and tools?

Meet the people from cities who are leading in this space. Hear from a planner who helps cities envision new, disruptive technologies in their existing systems. Learn from a disrupter providing mobility options in the urban core. Recently, though, each city invested in different modes of transit to move their region forward.

Each involved the community. And each city developed distinct plans and tools to encourage reinvestment within the urban core and beyond. Learn from the experiences of these comeback cities. Hear how they use TOD to build communities.

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See how TOD fits into economic development. Take home strategies to use when your own city faces challenging circumstances. Urban growth and investment have left some communities behind.

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Can creative and arts-based activities address the inequities of past public investments? Can these projects help preserve community identity in the wake of change? Hear how communities of color use arts-based interventions to reclaim spaces and heal from displacement around Portland.

Seventeen years ago the first modern streetcar line in North America went into operation in Portland. A steady stream of new systems followed, most recently in Cincinnati, Kansas City and Detroit. New systems are in design or construction phases, with more lines planned in 30 communities. What can the oldest modern line teach us? What adjustments have been studied or implemented to improve daily operations?

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Specifically, when are slow operations too slow? And what is being done to address the issue? How about recently opened systems? What are specific lessons learned with off-wire operation? As autonomous vehicle technologies emerge, can they be applied to streetcar applications? What does a recent study of those applications in Oklahoma City tell us? Hear unique perspectives from a range of speakers. City after city is realizing the immense benefits of bike infrastructure. But integrating high-quality bikeways into constrained urban environments poses unique challenges.

Hear from planners and engineers implementing bikeways in different geographic and transportation contexts. Learn tactics to deliver bikeway projects under challenging circumstances: interacting with transit service, constrained rights-of-way, state roads and suburban arterials.

Explore trade-offs between re-allocated road space and emerging opportunities to balance fast, reliable transit with slow, low-stress bikeways. Real-world solutions from Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Portland. Does the use of a public-private partnership more effectively deliver a capital project? How can data improve bus service? Discover innovative approaches to shape agency culture by using data to improve performance.

Learn to develop useful performance measures.

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See how to better utilize data to affect decision-making. Learn how to employ different forms of procurement to better deliver projects. The Olympics. The Super Bowl. Hosting a mega-event can throw transit agencies into unchartered waters. How can agencies plan and deliver safe, efficient transit service for major events but make it sustainable for the transit system in the long-term?