Side effects of depro-provera on castrated sex offenders

Chemical 'Castration' for Sex Offenders

Then there needs to be restorative justice that allows these people to get decent housing in a safe community, a job, and access to a good support system from family, friends, and professionals. Of course there needs to be some sort of regular monitoring during the restorative to ensure the offender avoids any situations that present temptation, opportunity, or both.

Pedophile-unnatural sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Those attracted to post-pubescent juveniles are NOT pedophiles according to the true definition. Ephebophile-a person sexually attracted to post-pubescent juveniles year-old range.

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From the Greek "Paido" meaning boy and "erastes" meaning lover However, let me be crystal clear here. Love looks out for the best, highest interests of another to the exclusion of selfish motives, while pederasty is all about unnatural lust and debauchery and uses an innocent child as its source of selfish fulfillment. As a Christian, I would be amiss if I didn't bring into focus the single-most important overriding fact: All 3 of these paraphilias go against God's design for human sexuality.

God intended the sexual union to be the ultimate expression of heart-felt love between husband man and wife woman who are scripturally united in holy matrimony. All sex outside this one parameter is sinful. My heart goes out to you and your sister. Yes, sometimes castration is deserved. In your stepbrothers case, castration would never let him forget what he did. First we should protect our kids in internet by using parental control software.

Chemical Castration of Sex Offenders

There is, moreover, some evidence that ALIs provided under section are intended specifically to achieve retributive or general deterrent objectives rather than preventing the recipient from re-offending for example via rehabilitation, incapacitation, or specific deterrence. For example, Scott and Holmberg suggest that. The stereotypical child molester is male, but a fraction of sex offenders are women. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 37 1 , International Journal of Law and Psychiatry.

It's not a safety place anymore Maybe PCWebControl or k9 or net nany will be ok? Think about it So with your mentality, one might say that a thief deserves to have his hands cut off because he can't stop stealing, or a liar deserves to have his tongue cut off because he caused someone so much pain because of his lies Serendip Visitor - I would say that your "mentality" is horribly askew! How can you even begin to compare the act of thievery with the act of child molestation???

The FDA, Depo-Provera, and the Politics of Experimental Medicine

How can you even begin to compare the act of "telling lies" to that of raping and torturing young, helpless children??? Obviously, you do not have children. If you did, you wouldn't be able to even imagine waking up one morning to your 4 year old daughter missing from her bed - only to find her two days later nearly dead - having been raped and sodomized countless times by a very sick pervert.

Let's see if you want to give the animal who attacked your daughter a "second chance! Obviously, you are more concerned about the rights of the criminal, than that of the victim. WHY should second chances be given? It's not enough that a little child's life was forever changed? It makes me want to puke just thinking that we are supporting them in our prisons when stats continuously show prison does nothing to offer a cure!!

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Castration or death - it's pure and simple and fitting for the crime. My thoughts exactly you just spoke the very words I've been feeling for years,and losing sleep night after night!!!! I have 2 beautiful granddaughters and worry about their safety from these pathetic pedophiles. I'm as computer illiterate as one can be It's time to fight this war!!

Where do we start and I don't give a crap about the side effects of some worthless drug that can depress or alter their health in some way! It's time to put the scare into the perpetrator so these monsters won't even think twice about hurting our innocent children!!!!

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MPA-related side effects included excessive weight gain, of countries have utilized castration as a . Depo Provera Treatment for Sex Offending Behavior. The first use of chemical castration occurred in , when behavior, and can likewise be given by depot injection. it allows the release of sex offenders while reducing or eliminating the chance that they reoffend. with no evidence of adverse side effects and recommended.

Castration for that type of criminal, is use less. They should be killed, humanly though, I think. This is a sentence for their sake, because I am sure they fell the pain of their sin also. But as far as castration some men need it to stop wanting sex, as in Men with ED, or men with a wife with cancer, just a man that is to old to try any more. The sex drive is too painful to endure, there has to be a way to stop it.

Having the testicles cut off is also a lot of pain, chemical is the only way I see so far. As far as these monsters, indeed it is a monstrous act, but I think you are a monster seeking such revenge.

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As far as me I don't want to , hurt my wife with my need to have sex. And I think sex is a curse, it should be used only for having children, using it for pleasure is a monstrous thing. Men have to suffer this thing, to fight it and to hate it, it is a endless battle, and I think the extreme of using sex for pleasure ends up with monsters like you have described, yet haven't the world made them.

With their sexy commercials, and their sexy deeds that lead to " Love " Ha. What a laugh, it isn't love, it is lust, and lust is where the monster lies. As long as you and the world see's lust as love there will always be monsters every where. So kill them all, soon all humanity will have to die. Thank you for your reply. I think the very best possible place to start is getting possible support for chemical castration!

Let them know your opinion and your expectations of them.

Tell them there are nine other states in the US that are now using this method of deterrent. I'm still waiting for their reply. They are always seeking volunteers, and desperately need good people with a heart for protecting our children! This nefarious crime is growing in alarming numbers - one reason being that now gangs are getting their disgusting hands in the pot, wanting to earn some of that 32 billion and they are trafficking victims left and right.

In the majority of cases what starts out as survival sex, turns into human trafficking. Participants explained how traffickers loiter in areas where homeless youth are known to gather and then tell them that the shelters are full and offer them a place to stay in lieu of sleeping on the streets.

Although there is a significant legal distinction between sex trafficking and survival sex, our results demonstrated a great deal of fluidity between the two. What started initially as survival sex frequently turned into coercive and violent trafficking experiences. Where are you getting your facts on recidivism?

Or,let me guess,you made it up for sensational journalism! The fact is, you cannot have a realistic conversation without the proper facts! I agree with Sensational Journalist. That you cannot have a realistic nor intelligent conversation by making up false information and declaring it fact. This is a very emotional and 'hot topic' attention mongers thrive on this sort of thing.

Chemical Castration for Sexual Offenders: Physicians' Views

Trauma of any sort changes our lives forever. That is those of us who have been traumatized. Why are you not advocating for help for victims rather than wasting everyone's time and emotions on a bunch of bullshit. I know from personal experience that the lack of help for victims is much more important issue than sadistic pleasure people like the author gets from posting false sensational articles.

Alabama isn't the first US state to use this technique.

First you assume that you are the only victim in here. You for know me nor know what I've been though in my life. Which I won't get it here because that's beyond he point. The fact is that by helping cold molesters, by finding a way of helping them stop doing what they do, you are tremendously helping others. That's because by helping them you prevent others from becoming their victims. Or perhaps victims from from victimized once more. As much as I would like to see victims get help, which there is tons of it already. At least here in the US, from victims assistance programs, to free counseling, to medical bills coverage.

The victimizer is put in prison in the hope that he or she yes, women molest children too. May be not as often but they still do will rehabilitate, very little is offered to them to stop their behavior. Again, the more you help them the more possible new victims you help. It's like having a family history of cancer. Would you rather do what you can to prevent the cancer by dieting and exercise and living a generally healthy lifestyle, or would you rather deal with the cancer once you have it?

A lot as been said about the prevention of illnesses, but more money is spent on finding cures and treating the ill. Because treating illness is a whole lot more profitable.

Prevention of illness is great and works when a person takes an active role in it, but it's not has profitable. I would not support chemical castration as a first-line solution. I do believe there are a percentage of offenders that have a hard time dealing with the desires. If someone had repeated offenses or was caught in the act of trying to engage minors, then I think this should be looked at as a option.

I also believe that this should be an option for violent inmates and inmates that committed rape in prison. My only concern would be the effectiveness. The safest place on earth should be a prison. How can anyone go into and live in an environment of constant fear for any period of time and then be let out and not expect to have been affected some way. How can we expect that the affect won't be negative.

I am not a rapist and will never be.